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FILM VENTURE LONDON's ethos favours the practical. We believe the best way to hone your camera craft is on the job, so rather than labouring theory without practical application, we prefer to work with our clients in front of the camera as much as possible. It was from this practice we evolved the idea to compose and shoot original scenes with our actors.

Most up and coming actors rely heavily on their Showreel to book castings, and to approach agents and prospective employers. However many actors have a shortage of reel footage which showcases their abilities to their full potential. Rather than filming scenes ripped from popular films - which are always recognisable to the trained eye - we write bespoke scenes suited to the specific actor based on how they themselves wish to be cast.

Below you will find some samples of these scenes. These are a mix of scenes shot on our popular Camera Acting Intensive course, and scenes devised with clients in private One-to-One workshops. We always cast our clients alongside other professional actors we enjoy working with, and then shoot scenes on location.

We are currently developing the idea of an anthology film, under the working title 'DUETS'. More to come on that later this year! In the meantime Book Now if you are interested in shooting a scene for your showreel.



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