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We love getting your feedback from our courses and workshops. Over the last couple of years we have been inundated with very rewarding emails and testimonials from our clients (thank you by the way!) so we thought it would be a good idea to introduce a Guestbook service for you to leave comments. It's also useful for people considering our classes to hear it first-hand from past participants. Click to leave your own testimonial or read our Guestbook.

"I just completed the week long camera acting workshop in the Lab, Dublin. I can honestly say that I've never gotten more out of a course. Graham is not only a great teacher but a real Actor's Director. Thanks to him, everyone felt totally comfortable in that space to just go for it and perform. For our last day we shot original show reel scenes on location around Dublin. I'd recommend FVL to anyone. As a result of the course I feel I'm a better actor and my approaches to character work has changed forever."
Sharon Sutton
Camera Acting Intensive

"This week long course was one of the best training experiences I have done yet. The true skill of a director in my eyes is to be able to put the actors at ease in front of the camera while at the same time drawing something out of them that they didn't even realise they were doing. I felt completely at home on this course and Graham truely brought out the best in me. I gained so much confidence just in one week and I am really looking forward to the next course. To work with a well esteemed and respected director, who is so down to earth and who's main focus is 'you' the actor was an experience in itself.Thanks so much."
Sinead O'Riordan
Camera Acting Intensive

"I was fortunate enough to avail of a place on an "Acting for Camera" course with Graham Cantwell. Inspiring, Refreshing, Naturalistic and Motivating are just a few of the words I would use to describe his unique teaching style. As a student of Graham, one sees the character from a holistic point of view. The time is taken to intrinsically analyse the scene and the possible subtext of the scene. As an actor under the guidance of Graham, it struck me that he had an innate sense of what to get out of each individual performance I did and he was so skillful in how he did it that I find it impossible to describe his method!! In a sense, he takes the "acting" out of acting. Under his direction of a scene, I felt there was a real sense of security and freedom to explore and almost internalise what my character was feeling and therefore face up to the challenge of delivering the best performance possible. And it was all so enjoyable!!!! It was a pleasure taking the course with him and I hope I will be lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with him in the future at some stage."                                           
Patricia Murray
Acting for Camera
"Having studied acting for two years in London and been to a variety of courses and workshops, I can confidently say that Film Venture London’s was one of the best. In terms of Acting for Camera they were perfect. Amy and Graham are the perfect combination of a talented actress with years of industry experience and an award-winning director at the top of his game. They understand both the insecurities and aspirations of the actors they tutor and the expectations of the casting directors and agents they themselves have had first hand experience with. They not only give you excellent advice and insider tips but also know how to put you at your ease to get the best from you. I only wish I had done this course when I first started my acting training."
Jessica Steel

"I left Uni acting without enough truth and I have worked hard to reprogramme to find what works for me to give truthful performances. Now I feel I have to add another layer - the tutoring from you really rang true and it was so valuable to see the footage back and discuss it. I was touched you continued late after my traffic nightmare as well - most people would not have done that...but then most people aren't Irish!"
Finn Glendon


"Hi Graham, we got great feedback from our directors. They really enjoyed, appreciated and were inspired by your workshop.  Many thanks again."
Rebecca Roper
Casting Director

"I have gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience from doing Graham Cantwell's workshops. He has a unique talent of drawing out the best in actors and encouraging them to 'give it a go'. He always made it a safe and friendly environment, and said workshops were the best places to make our mistakes and learn from them. He puts his body and soul into every project he gets involved in, and is highly respected and loved by the acting community."
Bernie Fitzgerald 

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