FILM VENTURE offer an expert showreel editing service with many years of experience behind us. Send us an email to discuss your showreel requirements today!

What you need to know:
We design a title card with your name and image (either headshot or still) to go at the beginning/end of the reel. Please choose your image in advance and bring a high res digital version of this to your consultation. Please have ALL your clips gathered and ready for editing to bring to your consultation (high res digital versions on a key drive/laptop is best or bring them on a dvd or disc). We recommend only including scenes with good production value (sound and picture quality). We can talk you through your choices on the day.

What you get:
The consultation session is included in the prices below. Once we have completed your showreel edit, we provide you with a version of the reel for upload to the web (and/or upload this to our Youtube and Vimeo channels for you) as well as a download link containing the raw file for duplication to disc.

A DVD with menu page and contact details is available for a surcharge of €20 for the first disc, plus €5 per additional disc.
Further updates to the reel, ie adding in a new scene (or two) at a later date are only €40 per re-edit.
If you need customised footage for your showreel, you may be interested in our CAI Intensive + Showreel Scene:  

Film Venture’s showreel editing fee depends on the number of clips and source footage:

ONLY €175! €250
For a showreel edit from Film Venture scene(s) plus fewer than 3 other source footage clips.

Suitable for actors with a few good quality clips to demonstrate how they look, sound and act on camera.

For a showreel edit from 4 to 7 source clips, with no montage.

Suitable for actors with a selection of good quality scenes to demonstrate range and versatility.

If a montage intro/outro is required as part of the reel, or for a reel edit where source clips are from 7+ sources.

Suitable for actors with a selection of scenes who also wish to include a montage to demonstrate a variety of looks from a wide selection of roles.

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