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FILM VENTURE LONDON are currently developing a feature length anthology film project called 'DUETS'

DUETS is a completely unique creative idea weaving some of our favourite showreel scene clips - from our Camera Acting Intensive courses, our Advanced Camera Acting courses and our One to One Sessions - into a framework story. The scenes have all been filmed on location in London and Dublin, with the framework narrative being filmed in 2015 in Spain. Whilst enrolling on a course cannot guarantee inclusion in the film's cast, the majority of actors featured are former students. We are happy to be able to introduce a bevy of fresh talent to the screen!


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'Duets' on IMDB

FILM VENTURE LONDON recently facilitated casting and production for comedy feature film 'THE CALLBACK QUEEN'.  The film is currently screening at festivals around the world.

THE CALLBACK QUEEN is a sparkling romantic comedy set in the London film industry. The story follows the exploits of Kate Loughlin, an ambitious but unlucky actress on the cusp of her big break. Her resolve to maintain her integrity in the cutthroat arena of showbusiness is put to the test as she gets closer and closer to her desires.


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