In 2009 Film Venture pioneered the idea in Ireland of not merely offering camera training, but of providing you the actor with a scene to take away and showcase your talents.

Our course is designed to refine your approach to working in front of a camera and will culminate in shooting a HD showreel scene, which you will receive a professionally edited, sound-mixed and colour-graded copy of for your showreel within a month of finishing the course. 

Our bespoke scenes are custom written for you and your scene partner so it is your own completely original scene, not one ripped off from a recognisable source. This means casting directors won’t end up comparing your performance to the original movie stars! We write the roles to suit you as an actor and put your best foot forward.

Our scenes are filmed on location with full sound equipment, so stand far above the usual showreel scene services on offer, typically filmed against white classroom walls with poor sound quality.

We go the extra mile including post production on the scenes to ensure the quality of our production values. We count hundreds of satisfied, and successful actors amongst our alumni.

Don’t waste your time and money on inferior copycats. Ensure you are in good hands by booking with the original and bestJudge for yourself by watching some of our Showreel Scenes from previous courses on our Youtube channel and read our client reviews on Facebook.



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