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TÉ Studio
809 Fulham Rd, London SW6 5HE
Every Sunday for 5 weeks from the 10th August to the 7th September 2014
11am - 6pm
"I cannot recommend Graham's Film Acting workshop highly enough."
"Graham is not only a great teacher but a real Actor's Director."
"If I had to describe FVL in one word... Magic!"
"The best acting course I have ever done."

An Intensive Acting for Camera course over 5 Sundays with film director Graham Cantwell. This is far and away our most popular course and is always a great favourite with participants! Read feedback from actors who have taken the course here.

Every Sunday for 5 weeks from the 10th August to the 7th September 2014
11am - 6pm

Where: TÉ Studio, 809 Fulham Rd, London SW6 5HE

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Cost: £340

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Practical and inclusive with a small group to allow for specific, catered attention to each actor's needs. The course is designed to refine your approach to working in front of a camera and will culminate in shooting a Hi Def showreel scene - custom written for you and your scene partner (so it is your own completely original scene, not one ripped from a recognisable source) - on the Canon 7D, which you will receive a professionally edited, sound-mixed and colour-graded copy of for your showreel.

Our scenes are filmed on location, so stand far above the usual showreel scene services on offer in London, typically filmed against white walls. Check out the Video tab above for examples of previous CAI shoots.

With an emphasis on practical scene work, the process of working intimately with a director and other actors will be deconstructed and demystified. We cover all the basics of what you need to become a successful working film/tv actor in this course and you finish up with career advice and a quality scene to show for it. The course runs 11am - 6pm over 5 Sundays and consists of 4 x workshop days and 1 shoot day. There is a daily breakdown below.

Day 1 - August 10th     

Discussion about different Approaches to Acting
Different Directors' Methods
Performance and analysis of monologues
Exploration of different techniques with practical exercises
Preparing a script for rehearsal
Handing out first duologue scenes
Day 2 - August 17th      
Breakdown and preparation

Objective and Approach exercises
Breaking scenes down
First rehearsal
Developing scenes with improvisation
Day 3 - August 24th      
Camera technique
Practical exercises for Acting on Camera
Technical considerations with examples
Performances of first scenes with direction
Handing out showreel scenes
Day 4 - August 31st
Shoot preparation

Rehearsal of showreel scenes
Video boarding scenes by filming rehearsals
Logistical factors to be considered when working on film
Discussion of Costume and Makeup
Day 5 - September 7th

Filming of original Showreel Scenes
Individual Career Advice for going forward
We are currently developing the idea of using selected showreel scenes from the last few years as part of an anthology film, under the working title 'DUETS'. More to come on DUETS very soon!

Reviews from previous participants of this course:

I can honestly say I have never gotten more out of a course than I did from Film Venture London. I didn't want the course to end. From the first minute till the last I knew I had been a part of something very unique and special! With Graham's experience and knowledge of the industry and watching how he deals with actors individually and together as a class I knew I was in very good hands. This guy knows what he's talking about BIG TIME!! I cannot recommend FVL more.
Audrey Hamilton

Graham is rare amongst directors in that he explains lucidly, listens well and truly understands an actor. With great communication in place, he is also brilliant behind the camera and has a sixth sense in knowing how the scene will work for you. I learnt so much during my week and felt more comfortable in front of the camera, which made my scene much more convincing. I came away more confident and very happy with my showreel. Couldn't have asked for more!
Tania Van Amse

I attended the intensive course for acting and can honestly say it was one of the most enjoyable weeks of training to date. I learned so much and has made me look at audition pieces and scripts in a different light. I have since received my show reel piece back which I am extremely happy with and has led me to be cast in my next project!! I would highly recommend this course to anyone! A must do!
Matthew Toman

Terrific course. No nonsense, no airs and graces, just solid work ethic and development.
Its everything you want acting to be about. Highly recommended.
Darren Murphy

The 5 day workshop was brilliant to do, enjoyed every minute of it. Great environment, got so much out of the course. I learned a lot about giving truthful and realistic performances, I felt it was the best acting course I have ever done. Graham has the ability to bring out the best in every actor. I would love to work with him again in the future, and would recommend the course to anybody.
Mark Connolly

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